Resin Driveways Yeovil

While it is true that concrete and block paving methods have been the go-to method of driveway surfacing options for many years now, resin driveways are slowly making a leap. Resin driveways are the most modern take on customised driveways, and it is one that a lot of people find very aesthetically pleasing. Here at Hardy’s Driveways, we specialise in aesthetics. 

We are one of the leading establishments offering resin driveways among many other driveway building services here in Yeovil.  

It is integral for us to establish that here at Hardy’s Driveways, we firmly believe in resin driveways. We believe in their strength and we believe in their durability. We also believe they would be the perfect addition to the ambience of your driveway.

Expert Resin Drive Installation in Yeovil

Our more than 20 years of experience here at Hardy’s Driveways have made us accustomed to different customers and different tastes. Our seasoned team of professionals are the people you want to trust with your new resin venture here in Yeovil 

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Are Resin Driveways Quick to Install?

Resin’s most notable competitive advantage is how fast it can be laid. For most driveways with an average size, our expert team can finish the installation in a day or two. Even better, it only takes around six hours before it can sustain foot traffic. Additionally, we guarantee smooth surfaces for your resin driveway, which can only be achieved through our professional finishing technique. 

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What is a Resin Driveway? 

Resin driveways are coming in as a more modern take on surfacing. They consist of fine aggregates, with a range of colours available to your taste. A concrete base is set, over which the resin material is delicately placed and left to dry. This resin type of paving is solid and sustainable, and it does not break apart over time. 

Resin Drives in Yeovil 

Investing in a driveway is a priority for residents in Yeovil, as it is the first thing that people see upon arrival. Apart from its aesthetic appeal, it enhances your property’s value in case you decide to sell it in the future.   

We are one of the first establishments here in Yeovil to offer resin driveway installation services. Here at Hardy’s Driveways, we believe in staying progressive to meet surfacing market demands. Yeovil is the perfect environment for you to invest in resin surfaces, and our two decades of expertise show so. 

Resin Bond Driveways 

Let your imagination guide you when choosing the style of your resin driveway. From colourful designs to classical tones, we proudly offer a wide array of resin finishing options. You communicate your vision to us, and we work on making it happen in no time, with no compromise in quality. We are the team for your resin surfacing job in Yeovil. 

Colours of Resin Drives 

Here at Hardy’s Driveways, we believe that the sky’s the limit when it comes to resin customisation. Colour patterns are one of the most obvious ways you could customise your new resin driveway. We are firm advocates of giving our clients all the facilities they need to bring their vision into life, no questions asked.  

We offer a huge range of variety when it comes to gorgeous colour options you could use for your resin driveways surfacing. We are committed to getting the exact picture you envision for your property in Yeovil.  

Resin Driveway Edging 

When it comes to edging your new resin surfacing, we have also got you covered. It is only natural to consider edging for your new resin surface. The options for this part of construction would include granite sets, paving slabs, block edging, or even existing walls. You can explore all your resin surfacing options during a site visit with one of our experts. 

Why choose us for a resin driveway in Yeovil 

You’ll find that working with an experienced team likes ours is very convenient in the long run. We know how to flawlessly initiate the project with correct budgeting while considering all design constraints before implementation. With our neat planning, your budget remains the same throughout, and we guarantee a smooth process. We won’t consider the project completed without your final say, and we’re fully dedicated to realising the driveway surfacing of your dreams. 

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Our Range of Services 

Hardy’s Driveway offers a free initial consultation session, with no strings attached. You can now get an idea as to how your resin driveway would look like with the help of one of our team of specialists. Discover your options and quotation with the guidance of our over 20 years of experience and build the vision you want us to achieve. Our resin driveways Yeovil surfacing specialists are here to help. 

Benefits of Resin Drives 

Here at Hardy’s Driveways, we have perfected the ideal equation for a perfect resin driveway. Over our more than 20 years of experience, we have found that resin could be an invaluable addition to your drives. In fact, resin offers many benefits, such as it being more attractive than other materials. It is also extremely resistant to rain and UV rays, so the material does not lose its integrity. Moreover, resin is extremely low maintenance, so a simple hose wash would do it justice. 

Despite its seemingly fragile impression, your resin surface is bound to withstand even the heaviest of stressors. When there is a concrete base laid down underneath the resin layer, it is highly improbable that your resin surface would scatter around or break apart. Even better, resin looks more natural and aesthetic than concrete, which is dull and bulky. The good news is that you don’t have to compromise durability for a stunning look. In addition, the colour range of options for this resin material is guaranteed to suit even the pickiest of tastes. 


Our gallery page is a great place to get some inspiration if you’re searching for resin driveway surfacing ideas. Contemplate our beautiful resin collection of high-resolution pictures to witness the high-quality projects we undertake. Images are the best way to reassure our potential customers. 

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If you have been a fan of the aesthetics offered by resin driveways, look no further than Hardy’s Driveways. We specialise in and offer a wide range of custom resin driveways built according to your taste. If you live in Yeovil and are interested in making the next upgrade to your driveway, make sure to read more about our services and call us up at 01305 238 488 in order for us to help you make it happen.  

You can learn more about all the services we provide and get an idea as to what you want your vision to look like. We at Hardy’s Driveways are the surfacing agents you want to take care of your next resin driveway. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call and reach out to us for an informal conversation to discover how we could help you make your new resin dream a reality.

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