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Why stay confined in your house when you can reconfigure and modernize your outdoor space in Yeovil without getting broke? If you want to transform your outdoors into an oasis, it’s time to speak to Hardy’s Driveways. Patios are the go-to feature for residents in Yeovil for valid reasons. It’s aesthetically pleasing to gaze at patios, and during good weather, it’s the ideal place to chill in and refresh. You’ll never get bored with it. 

Patios are even convenient for you when you want to host events and bring in many people. Not only are patios ideal for BBQ events and pleasant atmospheres, but they also need minimal upkeep, unlike lawns that need to be constantly cut. You only need to wash your patio once in a while. Read on to learn more about this stunning place that we can create for your outdoors in Yeovil.  

Expert Patio Installation in Yeovil 

At Hardy’s Driveways, we are committed to the constant improvement in all our services to provide our clients with the expected high quality. Our seasoned team is fully trained in the design and implementation of any type of surface. We’ve had many success stories over the years in Yeovil, and building the patio of your dreams may be next!  

Just browse our gallery of previous patios on our website as they might inspire you with new ideas. They’re the best way to show you our impressive history of success. Don’t expect anything less than a professional and friendly service. We have a people-first approach in all our projects and go the extra mile for you. Our reliable team will update you throughout the project, and we’ll deal with your inquiries promptly as they arise.  

We make sure to understand all requirements before starting because each project will be unique. Our flexible design team works closely with our clients to ensure that all the surface specifications are considered.  

All our designs are customised, so our team will guide you through the various options available. You will get to choose the colours and surface material, and we’ll describe the benefits of each and how to maintain them. After, we give you an accurate cost breakdown of the material needed to make it all happen flawlessly, and we assure you that the final quotation won’t change as the project goes on. There are also no hidden fees or undesired surprises at the end. We only consider our project complete once you are satisfied with the outcome. 

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Benefits of Resin Patios 

Here at Hardy’s Driveways, we have perfected the ideal equation for a perfect patio. Over our more than 20 years of experience, we have found that resin could be an invaluable addition to your patios space. In fact, resin offers many benefits, such as it being more attractive than other material. It is also extremely resistant to rain and UV rays, so the material does not lose its integrity. Moreover, the material is extremely low maintenance, so a simple hose wash would do it justice. 

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Despite its seemingly fragile impression, your resin surface is bound to withstand even the heaviest of stressors. When there is a concrete base laid down underneath the resin layer, it is highly improbable that your resin surface would scatter around or break apart. Even better, resin looks more natural and aesthetic than concrete, which is dull and bulky. The good news is that you don’t have to compromise durability and still have your patio look stunning. In addition, the colour range of options for this material is guaranteed to suit even the pickiest of tastes. 

Hardy’s Driveway offers a free initial consultation session, with no strings attached. You can now get an idea as to how your patio would look with the help of one of our team specialists. Discover your options and reasonable quotation with the guidance of our over 20 years of experience and build the vision you want us to achieve. 

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You want our establishment here in Yeovil to be the one making your next surfacing dream a reality. You can go through the gallery section of our website to get an idea of what you want your vision to look like. Whatever surfacing need you have, we have you covered. Drop our Yeovil patio specialists a call today, and have this new venture be the start of a daily aesthetic of yours. 

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